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Conference: Less Than a Week to Go

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 13th November 2014

The Accounts of the Conflict International Conference is now only days away. “Digitally Archiving Stories for Peacebuilding” takes place at the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast on 17-18 November. Interest…

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Accounts of the Conflict: Computing Infrastructure Overview

Posted by Mr Mike McCool on 16th June 2014

Accounts of the Conflict Computing Infrastructure Overview Because of the sensitive nature of the data that will be collected and archived by the Accounts of the Conflict project it is…

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International Links (2)

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 2nd June 2014

The is the second post in a series. For part one, please click here. Having attended the Build Peace conference at MIT over the weekend of 5-6 April, I moved…

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Preserving & Accessing Stories

Posted by Dr Martin Melaugh on 1st May 2014

There are almost as many reasons why story-telling projects are undertaken as there are organisations and groups engaged in story-telling activities. There are, however, some recurring motivations for carrying out…

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Managing Files in a Digital Archive

Posted by Eoin Kelly on 28th April 2014

As digital media assistant for Accounts of the Conflict, it’s my job to organise, convert and preserve whatever files may become part of the project. When contributors transfer their files…

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Storytelling, Digital Archiving & Research

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 21st March 2014

Debate over how to address the legacy of the conflict in Northern Ireland is engaging academics, politicians, journalists, community workers and various others at present. ‘Dealing with the past’ is…

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Accounts of the Conflict in the Media

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 3rd March 2014

The Accounts of the Conflict team has contributed to a new online resource which addresses the past in Northern Ireland. “The Legacy” is a new project by the award winning investigative…

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Welcome to our Blog

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 28th February 2014

Welcome to the Accounts of the Conflict blog. The team working on the project will be posting regular updates about their work here, alongside thoughts on issues of relevance to…

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