International Links (2)

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 2nd June 2014

The is the second post in a series. For part one, please click here. Having attended the Build Peace conference at MIT over the weekend of 5-6 April, I moved…

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A Personal Reflection on Researching in Northern Ireland

Posted by Prof Gillian Robinson on 23rd May 2014

Working with colleagues and the wider story telling community in Northern Ireland on the Accounts of the Conflict project has been a privilege for me but also a time to…

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Piecing the Diverse Narratives of the Past Together

Posted by Ms Gráinne Kelly on 19th May 2014

Months on from the paramilitary ceasefires of 1994, the Northern Irish poet and playwright Damien Gorman (pictured above) wrote an article in Fortnight Magazine.  It began: Rightly or wrongly, I…

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International Links

Posted by Dr Adrian Grant on 9th May 2014

In the first of two posts on the subject, Adrian Grant outlines the international links of Accounts of the Conflict and reports on his recent visits to Boston and Washington…

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Choosing the right archiving platform

Posted by Patrick Coyle on 6th May 2014

As a web designer and developer, my role in the Accounts of the Conflict project is to identify a suitable repository platform to manage the stories that we are collecting…

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Preserving & Accessing Stories

Posted by Dr Martin Melaugh on 1st May 2014

There are almost as many reasons why story-telling projects are undertaken as there are organisations and groups engaged in story-telling activities. There are, however, some recurring motivations for carrying out…

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Managing Files in a Digital Archive

Posted by Eoin Kelly on 28th April 2014

As digital media assistant for Accounts of the Conflict, it’s my job to organise, convert and preserve whatever files may become part of the project. When contributors transfer their files…

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Reconciliation Lessons: Verne Harris On South Africa

Posted by Guest Contributor on 17th April 2014

This post was originally published on the website of the Northern Ireland Foundation on 9 April 2014. The author is Eoin Dignan. Thanks to Eoin and the Northern Ireland Foundation…

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Seminar Series

Posted by Dr Brendan Lynn on 15th April 2014

Alongside the work on the Accounts of the Conflict project, a seminar series is being arranged where contributors are providing presentations detailing their experiences of archiving and presenting stories relating…

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Reconsidered Narratives

Posted by Prof Brandon Hamber on 8th April 2014

A working group of the Victims and Survivors Forum produced an interesting paper last year on dealing with the past (download here). The document addresses a range of issues including…

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