Ramsay Liem

Ramsay Liem is professor emeritus of psychology and visiting scholar at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College.
He served as co-coordinator for the Asian American Studies Program, continues to teach a seminar on Culture, Identity, and Asian American Experience, and mentors student organizations e.g. the Asian Caucus and Korean Student Association.
He is responsible for the oral history project Korean American Memories of the Korean War and served as project director for the multi-media exhibit, Still Present Pasts: Korean Americans and the “Forgotten War” (www.stillpresentpasts.org). The documentary film, “Memory of Forgotten War”, is the most recent product of his work on Korean American legacies of the Korean War.
Liem also works on related issues outside the university with organizations devoted to U.S.-Korea relations, Korean reconciliation and unification, Asian American media arts, and human rights and mental health.

Patrick Coyle