We aim to make this web site as user friendly as possible and available to everyone. This page will detail ways of accessing the site to its full potential.


This site is best viewed using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and is also responsive for various screen resolutions to allow for a pleasant experience for all visitors regardless of their chosen device for viewing (mobile handset, tablet, laptop, PC, games console etc.)


How to change text size: -

    1. If you hold the control button down and then use the mouse scroll wheel up and down you can enlarge the text and zoom in and out of the page (ctrl+0 will reset text size back to default).
    2. On Internet Explorer you can change the text size by going to View > Zoom > Resize Text only to change the size the text without zooming.

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

The website is best viewed using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.


Each of these browsers have great built in Accessibility features, such as changing the background, colour scheme, text size, change font styles, play sounds and much more.


We recommend upgrading to the latest version of your current browser of choice as this will ensure you have the latest Accessibility features and you will get the best from not just our website but every site you visit.


The website has been designed so that you can find information easily. The navigation is set out very simply so you can find what you want quickly; the main links are situated on the horizontal navigation pane near the top of the page.


The homepage provides a simple search function for quick access to a specific topic but there is also an advanced search function to allow a more refined search to yield a more specific set of results.


There is also a sitemap located at the bottom of the page where you can find a break down of all the links on the website with a brief description of what you might find on that particular page.

What is Accessibility? – Click here to find out more…

Site Speech Screen Reader Software

Screen Reader. Visually impaired (such as partial sighted/blind users) There are many available available screen reader software packages available both commercially and free that will aid in navigating this website but also most other websites as well.


For a comprehensive list of available software click (Wikipedia)