Self Deposit Facility

Assisted Deposit

During the initial funded period of the Accounts of the Conflict project (2013 to 2014), INCORE staff were available to assist individuals or groups, which hold collections of stories, to deposit the stories in the archive. From January 2015 onwards every effort will be made to continue to provide assistance to any individual or group which is interested in depositing materials in the archive. However, it is also the intention to establish an ‘on-line self-deposit system’ which people can use in the future.


On-line Deposit (will be available in the future)

In order to facilitate the deposit of stories, an on-line facility will be available from this Web page. This will allow for accounts, stories, or other related materials to be added to the existing archive. These may be new stories which are compiled from 2015 onwards or may be accounts which pre-date the Project. This facility will allow the archive to continue to grow into the future.


While there will be an automatic element to the on-line deposit facility, stories will only be publicly available once the various permissions have been deposited and the required descriptive data have been submitted. This aspect of the system will be monitored by INCORE staff.


The main requirements will be that a collection permission form is completed and signed on behalf of any collection of stories offered for deposit. In addition an individual permission form will have to be completed and signed by every individual story-teller. This is to ensure they have given informed consent for their story to be included in the Accounts of the Conflict archive. A certain amount of descriptive information (metadata) will also need to be completed which describes the collection and provides enough information about the individual stories to allow them to be catalogued.