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(A collection by Forthspring Inter Community Group) "Forthspring has worked since 1997 to build relationships between neighbouring Protestant and Catholic communities in West Belfast. The 5 Decades Project grew out of a desire to examine these communities' very different experience of living through the 'Troubles', with the goal of developing a shared, but not agreed, account of the conflict and its impact. Experiences and memories were gathered through storytelling in small groups from the same community background, roughly structured around the 5... show more.
(A collection by Ken Wharton) A collection of personal accounts from former members of the British armed forces who served in Northern Ireland during the conflict. The collection was published as a book which was written and compiled by Ken Wharton. show more.
An archive of information related to personal accounts of the conflict in, and about, Northern Ireland. The Accounts of the Conflict archive is comprised of publicly available information on the collections of stories that have been compiled by a range of groups and organisations. As well as the catalogue information, the archive will also contained any stories that have been directly deposited, with appropriate permissions, with Accounts of the Conflict. show more.

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(A collection by Diversity Challenges (lead partner)) "The AFTERMATH Project uses discussion and creative, artistic approaches to story-telling and life stories to highlight the issues and needs of the participants drawn from the target groups. The AFTERMATH Project is not a campaigning or lobbying group on behalf of victims/survivors or displaced persons. It does not hold a view on the politics or morality of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland or in other countries. It is inclusive, and works with participants... show more.
"Founded in 1994, An Crann / The Tree was an arts-based, charitable organisation ‘dedicated to providing a space in which people can tell - and hear - the splintered, complex, often contradictory stories of the ‘Troubles’ as part of a process which contributes not only to the ethos of peace, healing and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, but also to building a more inclusive, rounded story of the conflict.’ [from organisational literature]." Kelly, G. (2005). show more.
Sandra Aranha witnessed a bomb explosion on Ebury Bridge Road, London on 10 October 1981. The bomb had been planted by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and was detonated when a bus carrying British soldiers drove past. Sandra Aranha first provided her account of the events of that day to CAIN in 2012. In July 2014 she agreed that her written story could be added to the Accounts of the Conflict archive. show more.
The Ardoyne Commemoration Project was established in 1998 with the aim of collecting testimonies related to the 99 people from Ardoyne who had been killed during the Troubles. The project conducted interviews with over 300 people and published a book based on its work in 2002 entitled 'Ardoyne: The Untold Truth'. show more.
(A collection by Ardoyne Commemoration Project Committee) A collection of testimonies based on interviews with over 300 people. The testimonies tell the stories of 99 people from Ardoyne, north Belfast, who were killed during the conflict. The collection was published in the book: 'Ardoyne: The Untold Truth' in 2002. show more.
(A collection by Roberta Bacic) Since 2008, Roberta Bacic has curated 120 exhibitions of arpilleras, in Ireland and internationally. Over time, these exhibitions have expanded from arpilleras from Pinochet’s Chile, to include expressions of loss, protest and healing from around the world. Roberta has identified 10 commemorative textiles from Northern Ireland which will be catalogued in Accounts of the Conflict. These 10 pieces have been selected from a much larger digital collection entitled 'Conflict Textiles' (which is available on-line). Roberta Bacic,... show more.
As well as series of programmes (such as the Legacy Serices) the BBC also broadcasts one-off programmes which feature story-telling related to the conflict in the region. This 'collection' will be used to group these individual programmes to make them easier to find. show more.



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