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BBC Northern Ireland is the main public service broadcaster in the region. BBC NI is one of three national regions of the BBC. BBC NI broadcasts on television and radio and provides content online including interactive television and radio content. show more.
(A collection by BBC Radio Ulster) A series of two-minute extracts of audio testimonies by people affected by the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The recordings were broadcast during 1999 and were based on interviews but the interviewee remained anonymous. The two-minute extracts were broadcast at 8.58 am each day, just before the 9.00 am news on BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Foyle. show more.
(A collection by An Crann / The Tree) 'Bear in Mind' is a book containing 84 stories related to 'the Troubles' show more.
(A collection by Coiste) A series of five on-line videos about Republican prisoners in the 'H-Blocks' of the Maze / Long Kesh prison. show more.

Border RoadsĀ (collection) External Website

(A collection by Latton Social Services and Development Ltd.) The Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation project compiled a collection of stories related to life on either side of the border when many of the unapproved border roads were closed during the conflict. The intention was to all people to "express their feelings in relation to the the closure of border roads and the impact it had on their lives" (from the project flyer).(The stories have been deposited with Accounts of the Conflict but... show more.
(A collection by Gallery of Photography, in collaboration with Dara Training and Consultancy) The Borderlines project was "an oral and photographic archive project recording peoples' experiences of life along the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland." (From page 6 of the Borderlines book.) show more.

Brits Speak Out CAIN Website

(A collection by John Lindsay (compiler / editor)) A collection of 14 personal accounts by former British Army soldiers, describing aspects of their tours of duty in Northern Ireland during the conflict. The collection was published in book format. show more.
"CADOLEMO is a limited company with charitable status which was set up by the Loyal Orange Order in the Counties of Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim and Monaghan and the District of Dublin and Wicklow. The initial objective of the company was to establish, promote and operate a progamme of community development using the halls and their facilities as a focus and catalyst, and to empower specific disadvantaged groups to effectively participate in a programme of personal... show more.



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