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(A collection by Bill Rolston) Book contains the stories of 20 people who had a parent politically active in the conflict. show more.
"Coiste na n-larchimi is an umbrella organisation acting on behalf of a range of groups and individuals who represent former republican prisoners and their families. Coiste estimate that these groups represent approximately 15,000 former prisoners. In 2007 the groups affiliated to Coiste included: Abhaile Aris; Ar Ais Aris, Dungannon; South Derry ex Prisoners; Cairde, Strabane; Castlerea Prison; Cumann na Meirleach; Failte Abhaille Dundalk; Failte Cluain Eois; Portlaoise Prison; Iar-Chimi Fhear Managh; La Nua; Marrowbone Ex-Prisoner... show more.
(A collection by Roberta Bacic (curator), assisted by Breege Doherty) A collection of ten textiles / quilts that illustrate personal accounts / stories of the Northern Ireland conflict. This collection has been drawn from a much larger collection of textiles from Northern Ireland and a range of international countries. show more.
"Corrymeela's mission is: embracing difference, healing division and enabling reconciliation. Our vision is of a peaceful and sustainable society based on social justice, positive relationships and respect for diversity. The Corrymeela Community strives to embody these values in every aspect of our lives." Corrymeela Web Site. (2014). show more.
"The Cost of the Troubles Study Ltd is a recognised charity and a limited company. The Board of Directors is composed of a team of people from all parts of the religious/political spectrum who have all been directly affected by the violence of the 'Troubles'." CAIN. 2003. show more.
"Diversity Challenges is a company limited by guarantee (NI50064) and is recognised by the Inland Revenue as a charity Ref NoXR74395. It was founded in 2001 to facilitate change in a number of Cultural groups in Ireland. Diversity Challenges is a member of the International Coalition of the Sites of Conscience." (From Diversity Challenges website) Diversity Challenges has run two recent story-telling projects: Aftermath; and The Green and Blue Across the Thin Line (details of... show more.
(A collection by Falls Community Council) "The Dúchas project was developed by Falls Community Council in 1999 to record the experience of the conflict in nationalist West Belfast through oral history accounts." (Kelly, 2005; p.54) Between 2012 and 2014 Dúchas worked in partnership with a number of groups to record oral history accounts related to the conflict, as part of the Pieces of the Past project. show more.
(A collection by Gaslight Productions Ltd) "Within inclusive workshops that respect all perspectives but equally permit all perspectives to be challenged, 'epilogues' facilitates discussion and reflection on these and other key questions for peace building. It does this by exploring 'the conflict' from the perspective of people who were part of it, or suffered as a result of it, and found themselves compelled to react to circumstances unfolding around them with what perspective they had at the time." (from... show more.



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