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"Falls Community Council is a community development organisation set up in 1974 to work for economic justice and social inclusion for the community in West Belfast." (Kelly, 2005; p.54) The Falls Community Council is responsible for the Dúchas oral history archive which was established in 1999 to record the experience of the conflict. show more.
(A collection by Michael Hall (compiler and project co-ordinator)) The Farset Community Think Tanks Project has resulted in the publication of over 100 pamphlets on a wide range of subjects by different sections of the Northern Ireland community. The process of compiling a pamphlet involves bringing together a small group of people – reflecting different opinions on a particular issue – who undertake a series of recorded discussions. A summary of these discussions is then prepared for publication as a pamphlet by the Project... show more.
"Forthspring Inter Community Group is committed to providing services to local people in the Springfield/Woodvale area and promoting good relations within and between these communities." Forthspring website (2014). Forthspring carried out a series of recorded interviews as part of its 5 Decades Project. Extracts from the stories were published in book form in 2014. A selection of the transcripts and audio recordings was deposited with Accounts of the Conflict in 2014. Further interviews were conducted... show more.
(A collection by WAVE and Alice McGuinness) "This Stain Glass project was a Belfast Centre based storytelling initiative which focused on the stories of individual male clients from the greater Belfast area. Facilitated by Alice McGuinness, their stories are testament to their strength and character." (from the WAVE Web site) The collection includes 10 short accounts by the men who took part in the stained glass project. show more.
(A collection by Glórtha Aduaidh Project) "The Glórtha Aduaidh (Northern Voices) project is a TV & Radio documentary series of previously unheard voices and stories about the conflict in the North of Ireland. The Glórtha Aduaidh project will document, through the medium of TV and Radio, the issues faced by ordinary people during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. This will be done by concentrating on the families of those who were directly involved." (from the Glórtha Aduaidh website). show more.
Michael Hall is the project co-ordinator for the Farset Community Think Tanks Project. show more.
Catalogue entry compiled by Accounts of the Conflict from information on the Healing Through Remembering Web site. show more.



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