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(A collection by Adrian Kerr) Adrian Kerr compiled a series of interviews with prominent people from Derry, conducted between September 1995 and April 1996, and which were published in the book: Perceptions: Cultures in Conflict. show more.
Latton Social Services and Development Ltd. obtained funding from the European Union’s PEACE III Programme to carry out a story-telling project on the topic of border road closures during the period of the conflict."In September 2012 ‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’ set out to provide an opportunity and space for residents along both sides of the border to remember and express their feelings in relation to the closure of border roads and the impact... show more.
(A collection by John Lindsay) John Lindsay compiled a collection of personal accounts of former British Army soldiers who had undertaken tours of duty in Northern Ireland during the conflict. The collection of 14 stories was published in a book entitled 'Brits Speak Out'. show more.
(A collection by Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA)) Mixed Emotions is a collection containing 10 personal accounts / stories about mixed marriage (between Protestants and Catholics) in Northern Ireland. Nine of the accounts are based on joint interviews of the married couple. The accounts were published in book format in 2012.McLaughlin, Paul. (2012). Mixed Emotions: Real stories of mixed marriage, (Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association; NIMMA). Belfast: NIMMA. show more.

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(A collection by Harry Brandsma) A film entitled 'Night rider - a taxidriver in Belfast'. A personal account by a taxi driver in Belfast. show more.
(A collection by Margaret Graham and Jean Orr (editors)) A collection of stories from nurses, midwives, and health visitors published in a book in 2013. The book contains a list of the 65 nurses who told their stories. However, the actual stories within the book are anonymised. The stories were written by the individual nurses and some of the stories had been published previously. show more.
(A collection by Graham Spencer) A collection of stories, based on interviews, and published in book format. show more.
(A collection by Healing Through Remembering (HTR)) A series of eight short interviews, recorded on video, related to the conflict in Northern Ireland. The interviews are based on common objects which took on a new meaning as a result of the conflict. show more.
(A collection by JIVT Ltd.) "The Pathways to Justice Project will establish a support and advocacy service for victims and survivors of Troubles-related violence who are engaged with, or who wish to engage with, the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) or any other justice and truth recovery process. In addition, through facilitated storytelling, conflict resolution workshops and creative arts programmes the project will acknowledge the hurt, losses, trauma and suffering caused by Troubles-related violence to assist the transition to peace and... show more.



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