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"Founded in 1994, An Crann / The Tree was an arts-based, charitable organisation ‘dedicated to providing a space in which people can tell - and hear - the splintered, complex, often contradictory stories of the ‘Troubles’ as part of a process which contributes not only to the ethos of peace, healing and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, but also to building a more inclusive, rounded story of the conflict.’ [from organisational literature]." Kelly, G. (2005). show more.
(A collection by An Crann / The Tree) 'Bear in Mind' is a book containing 84 stories related to 'the Troubles' show more.
Bill Rolston is an Emeritus Professor Of Sociology at Ulster University. He has written extensively about various aspects of the Northern Ireland conflict, including victims, and story-telling. He has also published books containing collections of personal accounts. show more.
(A collection by Bill Rolston) Book contains the stories of 20 people who had a parent politically active in the conflict. show more.

Night rider (film) External Website

(A collection by Harry Brandsma) A film entitled 'Night rider - a taxidriver in Belfast'. A personal account by a taxi driver in Belfast. show more.
The Ardoyne Commemoration Project was established in 1998 with the aim of collecting testimonies related to the 99 people from Ardoyne who had been killed during the Troubles. The project conducted interviews with over 300 people and published a book based on its work in 2002 entitled 'Ardoyne: The Untold Truth'. show more.
(A collection by Ardoyne Commemoration Project Committee) A collection of testimonies based on interviews with over 300 people. The testimonies tell the stories of 99 people from Ardoyne, north Belfast, who were killed during the conflict. The collection was published in the book: 'Ardoyne: The Untold Truth' in 2002. show more.
(A collection by Gallery of Photography, in collaboration with Dara Training and Consultancy) The Borderlines project was "an oral and photographic archive project recording peoples' experiences of life along the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland." (From page 6 of the Borderlines book.) show more.
(A collection by John Lindsay) John Lindsay compiled a collection of personal accounts of former British Army soldiers who had undertaken tours of duty in Northern Ireland during the conflict. The collection of 14 stories was published in a book entitled 'Brits Speak Out'. show more.



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