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(A collection by Graham Spencer) A collection of stories, based on interviews, and published in book format. show more.
(A collection by Sligo County Council) "Silent Voices is a collection of personal stories. The contributors are people who have in some way been affected by Partition or the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland or by conflict elsewhere in the world. All have a specific Sligo connection although the stories are not all set in Sligo. The stories reflect the people who told them and it is their own voice and words that you read in this book. The stories were told to... show more.
(A collection by WAVE and Alice McGuinness) "This Stain Glass project was a Belfast Centre based storytelling initiative which focused on the stories of individual male clients from the greater Belfast area. Facilitated by Alice McGuinness, their stories are testament to their strength and character." (from the WAVE Web site) The collection includes 10 short accounts by the men who took part in the stained glass project. show more.
(A collection by Bill Rolston, with Mairead Gilmartin) Unfinished Business is a book containing a collection of stories that was compiled and published by Bill Rolston with Mairead Gilmartin. show more.
"The Cost of the Troubles Study Ltd is a recognised charity and a limited company. The Board of Directors is composed of a team of people from all parts of the religious/political spectrum who have all been directly affected by the violence of the 'Troubles'." CAIN. 2003. show more.
(A collection by Coiste) A series of five on-line videos about Republican prisoners in the 'H-Blocks' of the Maze / Long Kesh prison. show more.
(A collection by The Corrymeela Community in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves.) A collection of 16 personal stories, published in book format and DVD, related to the Northern Ireland conflict. show more.
The Web site contained donated written accounts related to the conflict in Northern Ireland. The individual responsible for compiling the site wanted to remain anonymous and so did not reveal their identity on-line. The website was publicly available at and was viewed in March 2014. However, by October 2014 the website, and the collected stories, had been removed. show more.
(A collection by Anonymous individual) A collection of stories related to the Northern Ireland conflict which has been compiled via the website. In March 2014 there were 227 stories on the website. However, the site was removed sometime before October 2014. show more.



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